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Process Engineering

Are your core business processes slow? Undefined? Poorly understood? Poorly executed? Whether you're looking for automation or clarity, X1 Solutions can help.


We can help you document your existing processes. Documentation preserves knowledge for future workers, and promotes clarity for those involved in the documentation process. By participating in the documentation of day-to-day tasks, your staff will have a greater understanding of their core processes, and challenges and bottlenecks will become self-evident.


Next, we focus your processes, and seek to eliminate bottlenecks, confusion, and efficiency barriers discovered in the documentation process. This is the heart of process engineering, where consultants earn their pay.


Where possible, the process is automated. The right sotware tools can save significant manual labor and administration. In many cases, process efficiency can be increased 1000% with basic automation alone.


After the process has been refined and automated, a new process is born. The new process must be documented, and well understood by all stakeholders in the project team.


The new process distributed throughout your organization. It is important that your entire staff internalizes and supports the new process. People must feel as if the new process is helping them to succeed, and they must be able to explain why it's doing so. Where possible, automation can be used to help with the education process.


Last, we put into place tools to help you measure the return on investment of your new process. Process engineering must be able to measure its results in order to be effective.

If your organization needs help with process engineering, contact us. Our methodology has worked for other satisfied companies just like yours.

Many of our tools can help you implement new processes out of the box ...

MSS / CRM - Manage your customers and your sales pipeline

MSS / Website - Bring your company to the web without compromise

MSS / Support - Implement a powerful help desk and support your product

MSS / COM - Connected order entry for your Call Center & partners

MSS / SFA - Business intelligence for sales people on the go

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