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MSS / Sales Force Automation

Deploy Sales Automation Tools to a Remote Sales Force

Mobile Sales Suite Sales Force Automation (MSS/SFA) delivers the fundamental sales automation benefits most companies seek by providing the data collection and reporting needed by a sales force. The intended users include the sales force, customer service and accounting employees, as well as limited customer access. MSS/SFA allows your remote sales force to carry customer invoices, view inventory levels, enter orders and estimate product demand - all disconnected from your internal business systems.

Access corporate data remotely and improve efficiency. Now you can take your company’s invoice and inventory information on the road with you. No longer do you have to be connected to have everything you need to answer simple customer inquiries. Plan your sales calls by determining the value of each client.

MSS/SFA allows you to:
  • View invoices & inventory instantly. Sales data is presented in current and previous year comparisons. Inventory is accurate as of last download. All data can be searched and sorted by multiple means. Reprint invoices to reduce customer service call times. Quickly identify inventory levels for customer inquiries.

  • Place Orders at the Customer’s Site. Order creation is fast, easy and accurate. Get rid of paper and enter orders while you’re on the road. Complete with customer and item information, all orders are processed the next time you connect to the MSS server.

  • Forecast Future Sales. MSS/SFA allows for the collection and calculation of product demand at the customer and item level. All forecasts are totalled and data exported to MS Excel. An approval process allows managers to lock forecasts based on configurable settings. A flexible, yet secure forecasting tool.

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Features & Benefits:

Allow offline access of corporate information securely.

Each sales person only receives information for their territory or team, while managers and executives have complete visibility.

All modules can be searched and data sorted by multiple means.

Allows the sales staff to respond to customer inquiries quickly, rather than calling customer service for the answer.

Integrates with corporate business systems and other Mobile Sales Suite products.

A flexible and secure forecasting tool designed to ease the process of data accumulation for a remote sales force. View product inventory levels for multiple warehouses.

Place orders remotely with complete access to customer, shipping and item information.

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