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Online Collaboration

Knowledge Management

How much knowledge is tied up in your key employees? If they departed the company tomorrow, how would your company be impacted? How often is knowledge re-generated, either verbally or via memos or e-mail, that only need be documented once and for all?

These are the issues involved with knowledge management. A good knowledge management system will help you capture your company's intellectual assets in a persistent, online format so that it can be saved, searched, secured, and made accessible to your entire organization, including customers, if appropriate.

Group Awareness

There are many benefits to working online versus in person. Conversations can be captured, long distance charges reduced, and accountability upheld. The walls of a distributed workplace can be shattered. A good group collaboration system will help you find the right expert in your organization to defeat a specific challenge, and connect you to that person online, immediately.

Group collaboration, when properly implemented, can generated outstanding cost savings for your company. Group collaboration combined with a knowledge management solution can increase benefits exponentially. Let X1 Solutions leverage our experience in this area to work for your company. We can show you new ways your organization can work together efficiently.

Our collaborative tools can deliver the benefits of online collaboration today ...

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