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X1 Solutions is a lot more than a software solutions provider. Our company brings with it vast experience in the IT services community. As consultants, we are available to you for a wide range of infrastructural projects. Our services include:

  • Process Engineering - re-engineer your processes for efficiency and cost savings.

  • e-Business Consulting - project your company to the Internet, and to your customers.

  • Online Collaboration - work collaboratively using the most efficient methods possible.

  • ERP Integration - tap the data in your legacy systems for the benefit of your greater company.

  • Customer Order Management - manage the data and potential locked in your order entry process.

X1 Solutions can work with your company to develop world-class infrastructure, measurable results, and considerable cost savings. We're working for your business.

X1 brings you decades of cummulative IT consulting experience.

Our consulting practices are based on proven, methodology-driven principals.

We understand first & foremost IT consulting is meant to drive value back into the company.

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