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ERP Integration

"The data is in the mainframe," the saying used to go. It's still pretty much true today. How much of your information is locked away in a series of "green screens", inaccessible to your modern infrastructure, to the Internet, and to your reporting systems? How much easier would it be to leverage your information if it were in a more accessible format? What is the ramp-up time involved in getting new employees familiar with your legacy systems?

These are the issues that can be tackled with an ERP integration project. We can connect your back-end systems to the Internet, to your next generation infrastructure, and to your office systems in a fraction of the time you might've been quoted from other providers.

X1 Solutions has cumulative decades of experience in the ERP integration field, and we can leverage our experience and toolsets to create an affordable and rapid ERP integration project for your company. Contact us.

Many of our tools demonstrate X1's ERP integration experience in action ...

MSS / CRM - Manage your customers and your sales pipeline

MSS / Website - Bring your company to the web without compromise

MSS / COM - Connected order entry for your Call Center & partners

MSS / SFA - Business intelligence for sales people on the go

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