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Customer Order Management

How much sales potential is locked in customer quotes that aren't followed up on? How much suggestive selling could your Call Center staff do if they were better aware of your customer's buying habits? How are your sales people made aware of customer issues and selling potential made known to your Call Center staff?

There's a great deal of customer business intelligence to be harnessed from your order entry staff, and we can help you tap it. X1 Solutions' consultants have been automating, streamlining, and data-mining corporate order entry departments for years, and we can leverage our knowledge to work for you.

The key concept is that the knowledge already exists in your organization. It must simply be harnessed, routed, and accounted for. We can help you with that. Contact us.

Many of tools demonstrate our customer order mangement experience in action ...

MSS / CRM - Manage your customers and your sales pipeline

MSS / Website - Bring your company to the web without compromise

MSS / COM - Connected order entry for your Call Center & partners

MSS / SFA - Business intelligence for sales people on the go

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