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BPCS-XTNs for Microsoft CRM

Integrate your BPCS ERP system with Microsoft CRM

With X1's BPCS-XTNs ("extensions") for Microsoft CRM, companies using BPCS can now leverage their current investment by integrating their ERP data with Microsoft CRM.

This includes synchronization of Customer and Item master data into Microsoft CRM. BPCS remains the master source of data for accounts, address and items while Microsoft CRM is fully populated to allow this data to be used throughout the CRM system.

Likewise, additional information that is not found in BPCS can be stored in Microsoft CRM for each of these entities, providing a wealth of knowledge for your organization. Microsoft CRM also allows your organization to utilize additional entities that are not found in BPCS such as unlimited contacts, prospects and leads.

Easy customization of Microsoft CRM provides customized entities for company specific information that may not be found in either system, but is vital to your business processes.

For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit your organization.

For more information on BPCS-XTNs, please contact us and someone from our sales department will get in touch with you immediately.

Coming Soon:

The ability to convert quotes to orders and upload them immediately to BPCS.

Live pricing, order inquiry, customer inquiry and item inquiry from BPCS via Microsoft CRM.

Automatic prospect promotion and account creation from Microsoft CRM to BPCS.

Account and order maintenance to BPCS from Microsoft CRM.

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