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  Simply put, X1 Solutions strives to provide quality software that is robust in nature, yet affordable for small to medium size companies. X1's founders spent over 10 years in the IT consulting arena, many of these installing expensive products that either didn't do the job or were not the right fit for the organization. Our core company values and the solutions we develop were derived from these experiences. We feel that it is important to identify some of our "software beliefs" so that you will understand with X1 Solutions, you're getting more than software, you're getting a solution developed with the following values in mind:

  • Features are derived internally AND externally - feature selection is crucial to the success of our customers. Many canned software solutions provide a feature set the customer must either buy in entirety for fractional use, or determine an internal work around to make it fit their business practices. Through years of real-world experience, we add features that make sense and often times are only available in our products. We strive to implement features that our customers request so that our entire customer base can benefit from usage driven enhancements.

  • Affordable technology provides a level playing field for smaller companies - our goal is to enable small and medium sized companies to compete against their larger competitors. The primary advantage that larger companies have is revenue to spend on large IT staff and cutting-edge technologies. Our solutions are extremely affordable, are implemented quickly, and have minimal training, maintenance and administrative cost. Our solutions provide the same functionality as the high-end brands, with proven technology and at a fraction of the cost. It's important to ask if your company will achieve its business goals and recoup its investment costs. We can make that happen.

  • The right software fit - sales drives all organizations, yours and ours. However, there are many companies out there that position products just to make a sale. Scorch the Earth practices might benefit the seller in the short-term, but will erode customer relationships overall. Our founders guaranty that our solutions 1) will only be recommended and implemented where they accomplish your stated business goals 2) will provide a direct benefit to your bottom line and/or improve your company's service level so that the you recoup the cost of your investment. If we can't meet these goals, we'll do our best to recommend a solution by another provider that can.

  • Build a total solution THAT WORKS - We have seen firsthand solutions that were implemented for all the wrong reasons. In fact, after some sales were made, the implementing consultants could tell you the project would end in failure. Our products do what we say they do - that is why we use our solutions for our internal business systems. If our sales team is calling you for a follow-up, it was generated through MSS/CRM. This website is based on MSS/Website. Our help desk is MSS/Support. If its not good enough for us, how can we assure our customers it's good enough for them?
All we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate our software if we believe it has the right fit. We challenge you to find a similar product in the marketplace that provides a complete solution for the same or lesser price. We call this the "X1 Challenge" - and quite honestly, what do you have to lose?

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