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X1 Solutions leverages the power your company already has in its systems and human resources to build the best commercial front-end possible for your customers and staff. Our solutions are affordable, efficient, and generate real results for your bottom line.

X1 Solutions announces BPCS-XTNs ("extensions") for Microsoft CRM. Discover how to leverage your BPCS ERP system with the power of Microsoft CRM.

Manage your customers and your sales pipeline.

MSS / Website
Bring your company to the web without compromise.

MSS / Support
Implement a powerful help desk and support your product.

Connected order entry for your Call Center & partners.

Business intelligence for sales people on the go.

Microsoft CRM
Leverage your existing Microsoft infrastructure with Microsoft CRM.

BPCS-XTNs for Microsoft CRM
Integrate Microsoft CRM with SSA Global's BPCS ERP.

MSS Product Suite Integration with Melissa Data's WebSmart Services - X1 Solutions expands usage of Melissa Data's e-Commerce solutions.

MSS Product Suite Integration with Authorize.Net - Mobile Sales Suite utilizes Cybersource's Authorize.Net API to handle e-Commerce payment transactions.

Filtrona PLC expands MSS usage to Amsterdam manufacturer - Skiffy joins others in utilizing X1 Solutions MSS product suite.

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