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Small & Medium Business CRM

Small businesses have traditionally been unable to keep pace with large corporations in implementing IT services.

From a customer's viewpoint, the small business doesn't have the resources required to compete with larger companies. Internally, small business often lack the business data to fine tune their selling and marketing strategies to compete.

Business systems that yield the benefits of CRM, especially when integrated to your accounting system or website, are typically out of reach to all but the largest players. This is no longer the case.

X1 Solutions specializes in bringing the strength of integrated, corporate CRM to the small and medium business at a cost that's affordable and attractive. Your business will enjoy the power and competitive edge CRM offers without the complexity of big-business systems. Our CRM solutions are targeted to the functionality and complexity small and medium business needs.

Best of all, CRM is an investment. We'll show you how CRM will pay for itself and start earning for your company.

Do you know the state of your sales pipeline? Do you know why you win and lose business, and how often you convert quotes and why? Are your customers aware of your entire product line? Do you now why they're not buying it? With CRM working for your business, you'll know the answers, and you'll have a way to do something about your business challenges.

Empowering small and medium businesses with CRM is a core competency of X1 Solutions. Contact us to find out how we can tune your business to its competitive best.

Tools We Use
To implement Sm / Med Business CRM:

MSS / CRM - Manage your customers and your sales pipeline

MSS / Website - Bring your company to the web without compromise

MSS / Support - Implement a powerful help desk and support your product

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