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Help Desk Solutions

How do you currently support your customers when they call in with product issues? Are the issues tracked? How are the problems resolved? How much time are you spending resolving those problems? Have you developed a knowledge base to help troubleshoot your most frequent problems? How are your customer issues being driven back into product development?

A good support system will help you with all of these issues. If your company doesn't currently have a help desk function, we can help you implement one. If you do, we can help you better automate and streamline your help desk with an Internet-enabled incident tracking system.

A help desk system can support your internal users and assets, track your customers use of serialized and/or licensed product, understand your most frequently occurring customer issues, and your most challenging customers, accurately price and market service offerings, and tie customer issues back into your product development.

Good help desk solutions will also help your manage, enable, and empower your help desk staff to perform at new levels. We can help you implement a world-class help desk, or automate the one you have. Contact us to find out how we can get a power help desk solution working for your company in short order.

Tools We Use
To implement Help Desk Solutions:

MSS / CRM - Manage your customers and your sales pipeline

MSS / Website - Bring your company to the web without compromise

MSS / Support - Implement a powerful help desk and support your product

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